Higher Education in Israel

Israel has a long tradition of academic excellence, boasting world class universities, colleges and research institutions. Israeli higher education institutions provide a diversity of academic programs in English for international students at the Bachelor and Master’s degree level ranging from short-term courses to full degree programs. Israeli Institutions also welcome international students and researchers for PhD and Post-Doctoral research and assign them with leading researchers in the field.

In total, Israel has 63 higher education institutions: 9 universities, 33 academic colleges, and 21 teacher training colleges. All of these are supervised by the Council for Higher Education, the state body responsible for Israel’s higher education system. All Israeli universities and 41 of the colleges are publically funded, while 13 colleges are privately funded.

Highlighted Fields of Study


Which Institution is Best for You?

In Israel there are different types of higher education institutions. The main difference arises from the type of academic degree the institutions award and how research intensive they are. Currently Universities award Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees and are the most research-intensive institutions. Academic colleges award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, whilst teacher training colleges award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in education. All types of institutions can offer short-term and non-degree programs.

Research & Internships


Israel is at the cutting-edge of research across many fields. It ranks amongst the highest in the world in R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP and in citations per academic publication. The Israeli Government has partnerships with many countries and institutions around the world which offer funding opportunities for international collaboration in research, and Israeli faculty welcome international students and researchers for PhD or Post-Doctoral research. If you are interested in undertaking research in Israel, the first step is to find an academic supervisor who works in your field of research and agrees to supervise you. Once you have undertaken this step, you need to undertake the registration process via the host institution. For more information on the application process and on available scholarships please refer to Planning.


Internship programs are a great opportunity for you to embark on your chosen career path while studying, and there is no better place to do so than in the “Start-Up Nation”, Israel! Israel’s higher education institutions and other organizations offer a range of programs with internship opportunities or exposure to the Israeli hi-tech scene, business, consulting, governmental sector, non-profit sector and more. Undertaking an internship gives you the chance to polish your skills and CV and to make contacts which will help launch your future career. We encourage you to check out the various internship opportunities available in your field of interest with Israeli higher education institutions.